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The website is simple and user friendly. It is designed in such a way that it satisfies all the requirements of every user.
We would like to inform you that in order to provide you with the most efficient service, you should provide us with all the necessary information regarding your reservation.
Furthermore, we would like to make it clear that whatever information you provide us with will not be put to any other use other than the processing of your reservation.
Below is a description of the method of selection data of the website of The use of this data by us and the current terms and conditions of this website.
The current statement of protection of confidential information refers exclusively to the information that has been supplied to us during the process of the users reservation via this website.
The information that has been provided with the permission of its users refers only to this website used by With the purpose that its users have direct and complete communication with the department which gives the user the ability to receive relevant answers to their queries and so that their wishes are served and executed. The aim of this collection of information by via the website is to have a picture of the number of visitors to the site, in order to determine the requirements of our customers with the intention of more and better services of trade facilitation. We would like to inform you that does not distribute to any other partner or organization that is not connected to such as email addresses or any other information regarding their customers and their users.
Therefore, you are able to access this secured site on good authority that you do not have to hide your identity unless you so wish to. We ask the visitors of our website to provide us with their personal information only for the purpose of making a reservation for a vehicle or to send an email to
During the completion of the reservation form we request your Full name, email address, home address, country, landline number, mobile telephone number, flight number and method of payment.
Furthermore, we may ask you for more specific information such as details of invoicing or details of the special offer which you have requested. requires the information that you have provided during the process of sending the online form, in order to communicate with its users, to establish method of delivery of the vehicle and to ensure the confidentiality of user information and relevant special offers that are available, and users are aware of.
n order to process the reservation of a vehicle a selection of personal information is required as well as credit card details (in the incidence of a pre-paid booking). has undergone certain procedures to protect customers personal information which has been provided on the website or through any other source (e.g. by telephone). These procedures protect the confidentiality of personal information of the user from any unauthorized access, disclosure, improper usage or destruction. They also help in the certifying of information and correct usage.
The users connection with the website is safely established through SSL Technology (Secure Socket Layer). SSL technology is based on a code key for encryption of information before they are sent through the SSL connection. The security screening between the information and the server is established based on the unique code key ensuring the integrity of communications. Browsers, such as Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Safari support the SSL protocol and their usage is suggested to connect to
If the identification of credit card details are not compatible with the identity card or passport details of the customer, then payment will not be approved against the specific credit card. If an illegal charge is made against the credit card, payment will be reimbursed. You should be aware of the fact that any document or certification which declares and certifies the users identity is verified by the department and remains strictly confidential.Presentation of personal information on your behalf means that you agree with the terms and conditions used by for the aforementioned reasons. demands from its website maintainers to provide o its visitors and users the necessary security level referred to in this privacy statement. in any other case beyond that, maybe claimed through legal channels can not share your personal information with others without your consent. is committed to ensuring the security and integrity of information collected about users of its website. has every right, at frequent intervals, to either expand or improve its website, whether to upgrade or update its services. This privacy policy maybe amended from time to time without prior notice to its users.
If you use this site, you agree to this privacy statement.
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